Chauncey Billups Wants to be a New York Knick Long-Term

By dannarferrara

There is a lot of uncertainty concerning the path that the New York Knicks plan to take towards the future. Nobody even knows who the coach and General Manager will be next season, with Mike D’Antoni and Donnie Walsh highly regarded as “lame ducks”. Do the Knicks see Chauncey Billups in their big plans?

A report by Ian Begley of ESPN talks about how Chauncey Billups wants to be a New York Knick long-term. 

When asked about the future, Billups said, “I haven’t ruled anything out. Obviously, I’m hoping to be a New York Knick next year and going forward after that. But I can only control so much.” 

Andy Miller, Billups’ agent, has talked openly about his clients’ future. 

“I think everything’s open. I don’t think we should shut the door on any possibilities. That’s what I’d advise Chauncey if we were to sit and have a more specific conversation, which I expect to have,” Miller stated. 

Donnie Walsh has previously explored the idea of keeping Billups around long term due to his excellent conditioning and unmatched leadership. Is Billups really the best fit for the Knicks going forward?

I have been very open about my ideas regarding this situation. I think that Billups is looking older and older by the day and is a terrible player in Mike D’Antoni’s up-tempo offensive system. In order for Billups to flourish, he must play a half court game, and that is something that the Knicks do not do. 

There are other options for the future besides Chauncey Billups for the New York Knicks. You have to take into account that both Deron Williams and Chris Paul are slated to become free agents after next season, in the summer of 2012. Both of these players are younger, more talented, and a better fit for the Knicks than Billups is. 

I think that it is absolutely ludicrous to suggest that Chauncey Billups is the best point guard option that the Knicks have for the long-term. I would honestly rather have Toney Douglas running the show in the 2012 season instead of a 36 year old Billups. 

What would you like to see the Knicks do? Would you rather have Chauncey Billups, Deron Williams, Chris Paul, or Toney Douglas as your starting point guard in 2012?

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