Deron Williams Eyeing Return Wednesday Night Against the Knicks

By alexmelgar

It’s been a rough stretch for the New Jersey Nets with the absence of guard Deron Williams who has missed the past three games. Reports from New Jersey’s Star Ledger have indicated the possibility of Williams returning to play against Carmelo and the New York Knicks at MSG.

“Yeah, I’m going to give it one more try,” Williams indicated “Hopefully, I don’t hurt it again, which is hard to do, because everything’s so instinctive, with your hands and with your wrist.”

Right on. While the Nets are all but eliminated from playoff contention it is certainly great news to hear your star player considering a return.

Quite frankly the Nets could use his presence on the floor after the teams horrid level of play the past several games. The Nets recent 98-87 defeat is a stark indicator of the teams need to improve.

“Maybe I’ll eye that New York game,” Williams said. “It’s a big game.”

What player ever wants to miss a game at the Garden? This may not be a playoff game, however just playing in front of America’s Biggest City and bright lights is all but fulfilling. By the way the Knicks are playing an upset could be on the horizon while on paper impossible.

One shouldn’t count against the gritty team like the Nets. When they come to “play” they can be dangerous, granted if we can hold leads and not rely on comebacks.

That can be exhausting in the long run which could be another reason behind their losing streaks.

Attempting to comeback every game is bound to take its toll physically and mentally.

“I hate sitting out,” Williams told the newspaper. “I could say I’m going to sit out for the season, but then I’m going to get over there and I’m itching, and I see we lose and I want to get back out there, so they didn’t want to say ‘the whole season’ and then me play again.”

That speaks volumes in terms of determination and response to adversity. He has the power to consider shutting it down for the rest of the season. However, Williams refuses to remain complacent and this mentality should rub off his teammates.

The way the team has been playing as a whole they are lacking energy. Brook Lopez who seems to be the teams spokesman mention at times the team will get complacent. This is unacceptable!

If your star player is doing their part and attempting to compete despite the setback. There should be no reason why in his absence there should be a lack of motivation to be better. That is what separates the good player to a great one.

An average team to a competitive one, we have something to look forward too next season. However tanking it in or playing with a little motivation doesn’t cut it.

The Rockets are next on the schedule Tuesday Night.

Look forward to seeing Deron Williams return at the Garden which looks likely at the moment.

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