Fantasy NBA Challenge with a $100 PRIZE

By dannarferrara

I would like to offer an exciting challenge to all of you readers. Draftstreet and Knicks Knightly are proud to announce we are joining forces to allow all of the readers to test their knowledge and win a $100 cash prize, for FREE. If you want to boost your ego and prove that you know more about the NBA than anyone else on the Internet, then you should get in on this.

How To Begin
The game begins once the link is clicked and registration is completed. After registration, the challenge is presented to you FREE of charge.

You will create an 8 man roster composed of two guards, two forwards, two centers, and two utility players.  The catch is that this 8 player roster must be made using less than 100k. The challenge ultimately begins Friday when game stats from the players on your roster are translated into points. The fantasy player with the highest point total wins.

If you win Draftstreet’s NBA fantasy challenge, you will win yourself some respect and will have $100 to show for it.

I wish you all the best of luck, register and pick your team today.

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