In Hindsight Would the New York Knicks Have Traded for Carmelo Anthony or Deron Williams?

By dannarferrara

Everyone knows that the New York Knicks and Denver Nuggets completed a blockbuster trade that sent Carmelo Anthony to the Big Apple, but would the Knicks have done it in hindsight?

It is a very interesting thing to think about. The Knicks are 7-12 since acquiring Carmelo Anthony and are in jeopardy of falling out of the playoff picture. While the playoffs once seemed like such a certainty, this 6 game losing streak has put the Knicks on the edge of missing them again.

Looking back on it, would the Knicks have traded for Carmelo Anthony or Deron Williams?

I believe that Donnie Walsh favors Williams and would have traded for him. Not only would he have been a great point guard for Mike D’Antoni’s system, but the Knicks could have gotten him for less than what they gave to the Denver Nuggets.

Donnie Walsh was over-ridden by James Dolan, who took over negotiations with the Denver Nuggets. Dolan had such an obsession with bringing Anthony to New York that I do not think it would have mattered if Walsh wanted Williams instead. I still feel like the Knicks would have gotten Anthony at any cost, just like they did.

The one good thing about trading for Anthony is that now you know you have him for the next three seasons since he signed his extension upon being traded. The New Jersey Nets, who traded for Deron Williams out of nowhere, now run the risk of having him leave as a free agent after next season.

The New York Knicks may still have the chance to get Deron Williams. If he tests the free agent market after next season, pending the CBA, the Knicks may have the money to make a play for him. In that event, the Knicks would have gotten both Anthony and Williams, and ultimately won in the end.

Both players may see very disappointing ends to their 2011 seasons. Carmelo Anthony, after leaving Denver, may now be part of an epic collapse and miss the playoffs. Deron Williams, who has two sore wrists and may be shut down for the season, left a good team in Utah for a horrible team in New Jersey that is surely missing the playoffs.

Who would you rather have traded for, looking back on it – Carmelo Anthony or Deron Williams? I think Donnie Walsh would prefer Williams, but that Dolan would have still gotten Anthony. Let me hear your thoughts.

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