Play Friday NBA Fantasy Challenge for a chance to win $100

By RantSports Staff


The NBA season is winding down but the dreams of being an NBA fantasy winner are not. Laker Spotlight and Draftstreet are giving Spotlight followers an exclusive 100% FREE opportunity for the winning aspirations of all fantasy basketball players to continue another day. The Friday NBA Fantasy Challenge not only gives you a chance for bragging rights, but the top player will $100.

Bragging rights and money, it’s a win/win deal.

How to get started

The challenge is absolutely FREE with registration. Once the link is clicked and registration is official the game begins.


Each contestant is given a $100k salary cap to build a team consisting of eight players. Rosters include two guards, two forwards, two centers and two utility players.

On Friday, the stats the players on your team rack up during NBA games will translate into points for your created team.

The person with the most points wins the Fantasy Challenge, which ultimately wins the ego boost and $100.

Pick your team now for Friday’s Challenge.


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