New Jersey Nets Woes Continue with Loss to the Houston Rockets.

By alexmelgar

The season certainly is a wash in unfulfilled expectations. For the New Jersey Nets this is the current frame losing their seventh game in eight games with their current loss 112-87 at home Tuesday Night.

Going into the evening’s game the way the Nets have played over the eight game stretch since their five game winning streak has been deplorable. Second the Rockets success over the Nets this year and the past several seasons didn’t help the cause.

Their last victory back in February only gave indication of what to expect. This without the presence of injured guard Deron Williams.

It wouldn’t have made much of a difference.

Kyle Lowry scored 16 points, 7 rebounds and 10 assists missing a triple double along with Kevin Martin’s 20 points to move within two games to obtain the final playoff spot. Houston suffered a tough loss over the Miami Heat.

Seems they needed the win more than the Nets at this point.

Nets Center Brook Lopez returned to his old ways 22 points and seven rebounds, however there were few contributions from the rest of the team. Jordan Farmar scored 12 points, Sasha Vujacic 11 and backup guard Ben Uzoh with 10. Anthony Morrow who scored 25 against the Hawks was cold finishing 4-14 from the field and 9 points. Kris Humphries finished with 6 points and 14 rebounds.

The obvious issues this offseason will need to be addressed in terms of the Nets lack of offensive production.

Their inconsistent, play no defense down the stretch, fuel comebacks only to come short and truthfully the leadership is lacking. Granted, Deron Williams remains out and could be the reason behind their shortcomings but this can be tolerated.

This is not the Nets Basketball we put our money’s worth to watch.

The Knicks are next across the bridge and D-Will looks like a sure thing. Let’s see what difference will it make. See yah then.

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