Jalen Rose admits and apologizes for DUI

By brandonlachance

ESPN analyst and former NCAA and NBA star Jalen Rose was ticketed for a DUI March, 11 in his home state of Michigan. Rose went off the side of the road and refused to blow into a blood-alcohol test when officers arrived, but did take the test when he got to the hospital.

In the 19 days following the incident, Rose has been quiet until Wednesday when he publicly apologized to his friends on his Facebook account.

Los That Sports Blog posted Rose’s apology:



Rose produced the documentary about the University of Michigan’s Fab 5, which he was a member of. The documentary aired on ESPN a few days prior to his arrest, which means he was probably drinking with some old friends in an attempt to celebrate the documentary.

Whether this is the case or not, we all know not to drink and drive, including professional sports athletes and TV analysts. I like Jalen Rose as a TV personality and respect what he did on the basketball court and hope this is his only run in with the law.

On the other hand, the law shouldn’t take this with a grain of salt. Don’t send the man away to prison, but scare him enough not to do it again. If the roads were icy and he had been drinking, he should have known not to get behind the wheel. If it was me or someone I know on an icy road in Chicago, we would already have a law instated breathalyzer installed in our vehicles.

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