Boston Celtics Rajon Rondo Lifts Celtics To Big Win Over Spurs

By Rob Nelson

Rajon Rondo was struggling before his benching…oops I meant injury rest against the Timberwolves. However, he showed signs of returning to he form that made him an early MVP candidate against the Pacers by attacking the basket. The problem is against the Pacers, he failed to attack for a full 48 minutes as he disappeared at the end of that fourth quarter in the loss. People were still left wondering when Rondo would return to being the amazing player that he was before the injuries and confidence issues crippled his game. Of course in a big game setting like the one Thursday against the Spurs, Rajon Rondo came up huge.
Rondo attacked the basket the full 48 minutes. He directed the offense flawlessly as Boston scored over 100 points and shot 54 percent. Rondo made all the right passes and decisions as the man had both 14 assists and zero turnovers. He would get into the paint and find guys for easy baskets. Rondo would also call his own number a couple of times as well as he hit some amazing circus shots off the drive. The key was Rondo had his jump shot working. His stroke looked fluid and smooth and he knocked down jumper after jumper. This made his man play up on him and the speedy Rondo blew by Parker like he was standing still. This made it easy for Rondo to post a team high 22 points.
Other highlights include:

-Boston finally had a solid fourth quarter. Rondo attacked the basket and his teammates followed his lead as the team shot over 66 percent in the quarter to score 30 points.

-Paul Pierce was huge all night. He played with great energy. He would get his nose dirty in the paint as KG battled foul trouble early. He would also hit big basket after big basket. Pierce also passed very well as he did not force his shot. The result was Pierce finished with 21 points, 11 rebounds, and 7 assists.

-Kevin Garnett was huge. Despite foul trouble that limited him to 28 minutes, Kg battled and was a factor. He played great defense in the paint. However, he also hit big shots all night as well. He scored with his jump shot and even hit he paint hard like vintage KG. The result was the man scored 20 and grabbed 9 rebounds.

– Glen Davis would come off the bench and shoot lights out as KG was on the pine in foul trouble. He played with great energy and finished with 16 points.

– Ray Allen would shoot and battle all night. The result was he scored 13 points despite only shooting 3-11.

-Jeff Green shot 4-7 for 8 points. He ran the floor very well and looked good.

-Delonte West provided energy once again with tenacious defense. He would also snag three helpers as well with some solid passing that led to some big baskets including a huge Ray Allen three.

-Jermaine O’Neal returned and played 11 minutes. The man needs his legs, but still looked great defending in the low post. JO also would add 5 points including a pretty lay in that also drew a foul.
Playing with rest and a playoff like atmosphere, the Celtics showed up and played a tremendous game. It started with the point guard, but everyone played their role. Look for this big win to catapult Boston to a late surge going into the playoffs. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!

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