Deron Williams Returned for the New Jersey Nets Against the New York Knicks. What's Next?

By alexmelgar

This must begin to be quite the story that has overplayed itself over the past several weeks. Listen if one was in Deron Williams shoes you’d be annoyed as too.

The wrist injury didn’t seem to be a hindrance for the Nets point guard. However when he returned against the Knicks, he showed little ill effects of the injury that has plagued him practically all season.

So we believe of course, competitors will be competitive and at times in spite of the challenges will show little weaknesses. Especially the best players, take Kobe Bryant for example playing hurt in the do or die game against Boston in last years NBA Finals.

This is Deron Williams and the Nets should appreciate the strides he makes to help this team competitive.

No wonder Mikhail and his Russian Mafia (advisors) want to shower the man from here and across the Atlantic. Can anyone blame him to be beside himself and turn him into a mega star when the move to Brooklyn becomes reality.

Coach Avery Johnson only offers nothing but praise to the guard.

“Deron is really good at point. You can see how it really ignites our offense when he’s starting for us.

Oh yes, when he’s on the court he makes everyone better. His play helped ignite Anthony Murrow’s 30 points in last night game even in a losing effort.

The reasoning behind the example is his ability to find the right spots for his teammates. The Nets are not finding success as of yet. However its only been Williams 9th game with the Nets of the 16 played since the trade.

The injury has hurt the Nets significantly so let’s hold our judgement. There is so much the team has to offer. This season is close to an end.

Next year long as the lockout doesn’t doom the season will present a different picture.

The Nets held their breath they suffered a scare when Williams went down looking as if he reaggravated the injury. Luckily it was only an elbow to the sternum and was lifted back up and returned to action.

That’s toughness folks. Take notes

It’s admirable for sure. An example that as individuals we should take notice because not all athletes will take the risks. Put their bodies on the line in order to perform even in the most uncomfortable circumstances.

Williams doesn’t have a need to play but shrugs it off as the damage is insignificant.

The Nets Team Report has indicated Williams is a game time decision. If he chooses to perform his minutes may be limited depending on performance and how the wrist holds.

The final games will determine that now will it?

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