Kris Humphries Reiterates His Desire To Remain A New Jersey Net.

By alexmelgar

Kris Humphries has enjoyed a remarkable season adjusting from being a roleplayer into a starter for the Nets. He is ever the bit thankful for every step.

Humphries expressed, “I want to be here. They’ve helped me get a lot better and rolled with me this year. It would be great to be back here. We’re looking to do that.”

He has stated on numerous occasions his commitment to returning next season.

Let’s be thankful for the trade that brought over Deron Williams.

Having to split time with rookie Derrick Favors didnt’t allow the Minnesota native to present his case. As the season hit the midpoint it was perfectly clear that Favors needed to step aside as the starting power foward.

He’s averaging in 28 minutes 10 points and 10.8 rebounds for the season. The numbers may not be Kevin Love worthy but its everything in a deficiency the Nets lacked over the years.

Experience along with determination helped Humphries stand above his contemporaries. Simply he brought the energy others lacked in his position.

A team needs that, the fans adore the energy because it demonstrate a level of passion.

For the very many who play and contribute to the sport the numbers is few and far between that play. Play what you may ask?

For the love of the game and it shows when Humphries suits up on for the court each night.

Humphries is the player a coach could die for. A professional front offices yearn for and with his production why shouldn’t he receive the chance? He most certainly has earned it.

Its not like the market is offering better alternatives.

Take David West, once a consideration to pursue aggressively this offseason is out of the picture after tearing his ACL in the knee. Those things don’t heal so quickly now do they?

I’m certain if he returns we’d be crossing our fingers.

Zach Randolph has indicated resigning with the Grizzlies. Why who knows?

We’ll spill the juice from a general perspective.

# 1 : His stunt with the New York Knicks went terrible. If he couldnt he’d handle the pressure of New York do you actually think things would change once the Nets move to Brooklyn? Forget about it.

# 2: The ability in developing chemistry with Coach Avery Johnson. Z-Bo isn’t very cooperative which is surprising he’s done well this season.

Its simply quite not a match made in heaven.

Letting Humphries go would only deplete the depth chart.

Brendan Wright may be a consideration however his future is uncertain. The Nets may not exercise him for next year and not finding a fit in the offense only makes the decision smoother.

Yes, we know the money the terms will all be significant factors but these negotiations shouldn’t raise eyebrows. It can be handled if handled professionally.

So the clock is ticking on Mikhail Prokorov, his Advisors and Billy King to make the right choice. This should be a no brainer especially for the future.

If they know what’s good for them and the direction the franchise is headed. They’ll make the right decision.

The ball don’t lie, the stats don’t lie, the game don’t lie, the player don’t lie. Next year has the potential to be a completely different scenario. Imagine what Humphries would’ve produced playing a whole season?

The Nets are under the microscope now.

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