New Jersey Nets Loss Over the New York Knicks Made the Future Quite Brighter.

By alexmelgar

Hey listen were going to break it down for you. The Knicks vs Nets rivalry is beginning to heat up.

Last night’s game was an indicator as the game wore down the stretch only to be decided by a few key plays and several missed opportunities.

The Knicks surrendered 68 points in the first half alone. All looked as if the Nets planned to stand by their statement. The team declared it was a big game.

Only those plans were put on hold as a furious rally fueled by Carmelo Anthony crushed the Nets with a 120-116 defeat over New York.

The two teams will meet once more before they head their seperate destinations. The Knicks as long as a monumental collapse that only seems to define them happens. Will return to the playoffs and as for the Nets, another season of disappointment.

Let’s maintain our heads up fans. Who cares about missing out on the Melo sweepstakes. The steal for Deron Williams was superb on all accounts.

Could you really accept the reality of Jordan Farmar running the offense had Melo actually arrived to Jersey? Especially when he committed a bone headed error fouling Billups on an attempted three ponter? One key play that didn’t help the cause.

You have to be kidding.

We may have won the game! That is something that needs to be worked on.

Yes, the Nets have a terrible record, Brook Lopez is playing like a dud rather than a stud on most nights. The wings get hot only to go cold through stretches and at the wrong time. It’s a struggle for this Nets team.

Yet let’s not scoff and criticize their play just yet, the Knicks have had their time to demonstrate they can gel together on the floor.

However realistically you can see The Nets haven’t even hit the surface.

Deron Williams can’t stay healthy because his hand is so nimble. The Nets have the pieces and in the first half the score didn’t lie.

New Jersey has a much formidable talented team to compete with the Knicks.

The problem is they cannot seem to keep their mental compusure and maintain that level.

It will be another showdown this time on the home floor. The Knicks protected home court but their key stops down the stretched played a role in their survival.

The Nets will have to return the favor or all bets are off.

The Knicks hold their Tandem of 3. If any of the three have a bad night. What if the rest of team can’t pick up the slack?

Melo can’t have these 39 point nights every night right? Exactly! Having Amare, Carmelo & Chauncey isn’t enough they need better pieces.

Let’s not convince ourselves otherwise this is an official rivalry! No not yet, because the Nets will have to make a few statements before it all comes to fruition.

Delivering a promise of a victory would be a start.

However when its all set and done pending that Nets management convince Williams to stay.

Expect a number of sellout nights at the Garden and The Rock respectfully. What a treat that will be.

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