Allen Iverson's Lamborghini visits the pound

By brandonlachance

Allen Iverson was pulled over in his Lamborghini Wednesday in Atlanta when officers notice expired dealer tags. Iverson left the scene by hopping into his friend’s Rolls-Royce that had followed him while the Lamborghini exited on a hitch towards the pound.

Iverson, who played for the Philadelphia 76ers, Denver Nuggets and Detroit Pistons, said it wasn’t a problem and he would get it figured out.

First of all, I appreciate Iverson still having the class and the money to roll around in a Lamborghini because most ex-NBA players are dead broke and are trying to come back to the league to earn enough money to eat. He didn’t play in the NBA this year but he definitely tried to find a team to sign him to a contract. Iverson tried to stay in the NBA because he can still play ball, not because he is a worn down player and too broke not to play. He isn’t in the NBA because of character issues, not physical ability.

On the other hand, if he isn’t broke, he should have remembered to update his dealer tags. Hopefully, this story doesn’t lead to another one headlining with “Iverson put the killer cross over on his bank account”.

I wonder if this Atlanta pound has auctions because I’d love to scoop up AI’s Lambo.


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