The chance to play the Free Friday Night Basketball Challenge is over after today, Sign up NOW

By RantSports Staff

Knicks Knightly has promoted its Friday Night NBA Fantasy Challenge with DraftStreet all week long. Unfortunately, all good things have to come to and end since today is the last chance for this free opportunity to win the cash prize.

Register to for your chances and play the challenge for your chance to win the contest on its last day, Friday March 1 (TODAY).

The prize pool offers winnings for the top players after the registration is completed and a eight man team consisting of 2 centers, 2 forwards, 2 guards and 2 utility players is constructed. Don’t forget the teams are built with a $100K salary cap.

DraftStreet’s Friday Night NBA Fantasy Challenge, which is exclusive to Knicks Knightly followers, gives you the opportunity to play fantasy basketball against everyone who visits the site, including me.

Can you beat my team of superstars including LeBron James and Derrick Rose?

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