Heat Turn Prison Shower Sceen into Reality

By mattfrey

Well, ladies and gentlemen the Timberwolves managed to shed any last bit of dignity they had left from this exciting 2011 season in a matter of several seconds.  Thanks to our friends at NBA.com and the magicians at youtube it has been posted on the internet for us all to enjoy again and again.  I honestly have nothing more to say about this, so please feel free to comment. So, without further adieu, I present the clip from last nights game.

T-wolves finding ways to reach new lows.


Other notes on the game:

Love had his 3rd straight non double-double game (the first was against the Kings where he only played 14 min.)

Martel Webster made his once in every month and a half or so appearance last night, going for 22 and hitting 4 of 5 from deep.  We seem to have a lot of guys who do this and that makes it difficult to know who to hang on to for next season.

The Wolves looked good going into the half leading by one, but I guess we thought that the game was over because we let them go on a 25-1 run to start the 3rd…

Wolves lost, 111-92.


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