Jennings struggles in regulation, but shines in overtime to beat the Sixers 93-87

By mikemitchell

The Bucks did it again, Saturday against the Philadelphia Seventy Sixers. Milwaukee had a shot again to win. The regulation ended the way so many had before for the Bucks, they once again just couldn’t finish the game. The Bucks ended regulation with a run of five minutes without making a single field goal. After the Bucks Keyon Dooling was called for traveling with 30 seconds left, the Sixers had the chance to end it in regulation. Sixers guard Drew Holliday tried to get the ball down low for the win, but his pass bounced off the backboard. The ball was rebounded by the Bucks, and Bucks coach Scott Skiles called a time out to set up the potential game winner.

The inbounds play was set up for Brandon Jennings, the ball was inbounded to Jennings at the top of the key just beyond the three point line, Jennings got a good look but it just wouldn’t fall.

In the overtime Jennings made up for going 0-6 earlier in regulation. Jennings had never finished a game he had started without a field goal. Jennings took over the o.t. period scoring nine of his 13 point in the o.t. Jennings in fact outscored the Sixers by himself in overtime 9-8. The Bucks finished off the game beating the Sixers 93-87.

The Bucks aren’t mathematically eliminated from the playoff race; they still are three games back of the Indiana Pacers for the 8th playoff spot, and still have to leap over the Charlotte Bobcats, who are a game ahead.

The Bucks are forced to play the win and wait game over their final six games of the season, the Pacers magic number to eliminate Milwaukee is two, meaning a combination of Pacers wins and Bucks loses totaling two ends Milwaukee’s chances for the playoffs.

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