A look at the future of the Bucks

By mikemitchell

Taking a look at the future of the Milwaukee Bucks I see some positive things. They may not make the playoffs this season, but that may not be a bad thing. They would have to play Chicago, and i don’t think that would be a long playoff series this year.  The Bucks have a great mix of young guys and veteran players. They play great team defense (3rd in the NBA in opponents scoring). They just don’t have that consistent offensively explosive player to battle the stars in the East this year.

Michael Redd has returned from his fourteen month absence do to tearing his ACL and MCL twice. Redd is in the last year of a max contract, he was once the go to guy for Milwaukee but he hasn’t played very much in his return, making me wonder if he is not 100 percent, or do the Bucks brass have no intentions of bringing Redd back at all.

Brandon Jennings is the future for the Bucks. He is without a doubt the most talented offensive player for Milwaukee, but he is incredibly young and has a lot of work to do on the offensive end. Jennings has a tendency to fall in love with the jump shot instead of attacking the basket, using his quickness, drawing fouls and getting to the line, the Bucks are 14-6 this season when Jennings shoots 8 or more free throws. If Jennings is going to be a premier player in the NBA he has to be more like Tony Parker and less like Allen Iverson.

If Milwaukee does not bring back Michael Redd, John Salmons may not be the fix at the two guard spot. Salmons like Jennings just shoots way to many jumpers and not enough free throws. Salmons shooting percentage is way down from every area on the floor for the exception of three point range. Salmons is shooting just 40.1 percent from the field this season, well below his career average of 43.9.

Carlos Delfino is you’re your basic three point gunner, like great three point shooters before him in the NBA; Delfino has had games this season when he has been amazing. He is shooting 46.4 percent from the three point line in the last 10 games. Like most shooters of the past, Delfino has been inconsistent this season, and is a defensive liability. I think his future is as a sixth man for the Bucks, with his shooting ability he could become a very valuable asset off the bench.

Andrew Bogut just has to get and stay healthy. Bogut has been working through an arm injury this season. The arm has not bothered him defensively, he is the league’s leading shot blocker at 2.60 per game and is grabbing just over 11 rebounds a game. Boguts offense has dropped off this season form 17 points a game to 13, but as long as he’s healthy Bogut will be the man in the middle for the Bucks.

Playoffs or no playoffs I don’t see Milwaukee pulling in a big time free agent in the off season especially with the NBA’s upcoming lockout. Milwaukee has to be improved through the draft. In my opinion the Bucks have to look at the best scorer available at the two guard spot, or either forward position.

I don’t think the Bucks will, or should bring Michael Redd back. His injury is just too big of injury to come back from at his age, and the odds just aren’t good that he could come back and be what he once was for the Bucks.

I do think Scott Skiles is a great NBA coach. Skiles has really taken his tough attitude he had as a player and instilled it in this Bucks team. As long as Skiles is the coach, the Bucks will play good defense and play fundamentally sound basketball.

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