New Jersey Nets Crumble And Crawling To The Finish.

By alexmelgar

The season, six games away from completion. 16 teams will move on to the postseason. The rest will be closing shop prepared and unprepared for what will procceed after the playoffs. The lockout!

Where the Nets stand at this stage their pretty much on life support and functioning like a vegetable. Kris Humphries suffered a bruised ankle, Damion James is having foot trouble. ( Have to hate one of those injuries ) Anthony Murrow is having knee issues and Deron William while he has returned to action but has marked to nothing.

If you tuned it to the Nets Vs Miami Heat game it was expected to be nothing short of disaster. The final score made that clear with a 108-94 loss at home.

With Brook Lopez the only true Nets starter that looks to finish the season. It doesn’t seem like everyone else will be joining him. Avery Johnson is considering shutting down the players if they cannot be productive. Its only fitting.

The Nets gave glimpses of what to expect when a fresh team is together. However rest assured this will not be the same team that will play together next year. There will be changes and needs to be addressed.

Mikhail Prokorov shocked us with the Deron Williams trade. All eyes are on him once again to deliver this franchise from infamy to a contender and possible champion.

Contender? Its a feasible assessment as for a champion? We’ll look elsewhere for the time being.

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