Wolves Lose Most "Winnable" Game They Had Left This Season, and K-Love Discusses Future with Wolves

By mattfrey

The Wolves were on the road in New Jersey tonight, but they took the court minus Kevin Love and Darko because of nagging injuries. Both Michael Beasley and Anthony Randolph had big games, each scoring 20 points and grabbing double digit boards, but “SPOILER ALERT!!!” it wasn’t enough to bring home the W. I believe this 105-107 loss, puts the Timberwolves losing streak at 11 and we probably wont see an opponent easier than the Net’s the rest of the way, unless another team decided to pack it in early (and we haven’t).

I didn’t actually watch the game, in fact I’m not sure if it was televised anywhere because I couldn’t even find a stream for it online (this saved me several hours of frustration and cursing at my computer screen). But in less depressing Timberwolves news, Kevin Love had some extra time to talk to the media the other day while sitting out of practice due to injury and he talked about his future in Minnesota. (Read Star Trib. Article  Here)

I badly want Kevin Love to stay (as I’m sure 99.9% of Timberwolves fans do), but I’d much rather see him say things like this, than just say, “Oh yeah. I’m content here on a team that has less wins than Shawn Kemp has illegitimate children.”  With a team like this you have to try to hold management accountable.  I’m all for acquiring young talent, but Kevin is right. You have to have guys who know what their doing out there and can help bridge the gap between the old farts on the coaching staff and the young talent.  So I’m glad he’s going to see how things play out before he makes up his mind…. even if it were to result in him leaving.  If he’s true to his word, it sounds like he’s going to give Minnesota a more than fair chance to keep his services.  The only wild card is going to be that C- blocking, lockout.

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