Udoh not Showing Enough Improvement

By danielburt

Ekpe Udoh has looked very good at times this season. As of late his numbers have struggled. Udoh was given the starting spot by Keith Smart, when Andris Biedrins was lost for the season, but has not taken advantage of it. Ekpe’s numbers have gone up slightly but no where near the numbers you would hope to see from a starter.

Udoh’s biggest problem has been his playing time. He is starting but only getting about half of the minutes he should due to foul trouble. Udoh can’t seem to not foul. Some of the fouls are rookie foul calls and some of them are legit. Udoh has to learn to stay on his feet and not always try to jump and block the shot. He also needs to add some muscle as he tends to get pushed around a lot.

The guy still does a great job blocking shots (one of the best in the NBA per 48 minutes). Udoh just needs to focus on two things. One, don’t jump every time someone pump fakes. Two, block out and attack the ball. Big men rebound and that is the one thing, Ekpe, has struggled with the most. To be a starting big man in the NBA you have to be able to average about 10 rebounds a game. Especially if you are only going to score 5 or 6 points.

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