Your probably bigger than Earl Boykins, but can you do this?

By mikemitchell

Some of my all time favorite basketball players are the little guys. Spudd Webb was awesome back in the day with the Hawks throwing down dunks in the dunk contest in 1986. Webb was only 5’7”, the fact that he can even dunk amazes me (since I’m 6’2” and never got close).

Then there was Tyronne “Mugsy” Bogues. Bogues at only 5’3” tall in my opinion at least was one of the premier point guards in the NBA. Bogues played alongside two of the best players in the NBA at the time Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning, but Bogues , even with his small stature was one of the leaders of the then Charlotte Hornets. He was in Spaced Jam too. (love that flick)

The Bucks signed their own little guy this season when they picked up, Earl Boykins. Earl again is one of my favorites. At just 5’ 5” and 133 lbs Earl is the smallest player in the NBA right now. Earl is a 12 year NBA veteran, but for some reason has never found that long term home in the league. He is once again a free agent after this season ends, the Bucks only signed him to a one year deal.

I hadn’t heard it before but I recently found a story about Earl that amazed me. Earl is a great floor leader, great fundamental basketball player, and like most NBA players is in fantastic condition. That conditioning was put to the test last year when Earl was trying to get on with the Washington Wizards. The Wizards of course put Earl through many conditioning test, one of which was a bench press. At 5’5” tall and just 133 lbs, Earl benched an amazing 315 lbs. Earl apparently amazed all the coaching staff, and the players on the Wizards.

I truly hope the Bucks sign Earl to a long term deal. Fact is this is a big man’s game, but it is not a game that is always given maximum effort from its players. A guy like Earl Boykins just by surviving a 12 year career shows that he is giving max effort all the time, and is in it for the love of the game. There are not enough Earl Boykins type players in the NBA, and I hope the Bucks brass does the smart thing and keeps him around.

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