Where do you see Redd?

By mikemitchell

Was last night’s 93-86 win against the Toronto Raptors, Michael Redd’s last home game in a Bucks uniform? I say yes! I know Redd has been with the Bucks for eleven years. I know it is the only team he has ever known, but it just makes sense that it ends here.

Redd is without a doubt one of the best players ever to put on a Bucks uniform. If it is his last season with the team he will finish in the top 7 among all time leaders for the Bucks in 8 categories. He is 7th in games played (577), 4th in points (11,543),7th in field goals made (4,058),4th in field goal attempts (9,035), 2nd in 3 pointers made (1,002), 1st in 3 pointer attempted (2,616), 2nd in free throws made (2,425), and 3rd in free throws attempted (2,887). Redd is a NBA All-Star, and an Olympic Gold medalist.

Redd is also in the last year of a 6 year, 91 million dollar contract, not a bad deal for a second round draft pick. For four of those years by basketball standards ,that was money well spent. But as everyone knows Redd has missed the majority of the last two seasons because he tore his ACL and MCL ligaments in his left knee twice.

Now I’m not one of those fan’s that says,” Oh screw that guy get rid of him.” I do respect what Redd did for the Bucks. Michael Redd is one hell of a NBA player and did a lot for the Milwaukee Bucks. In a time were this team hasn’t been very good he at least made them respectable.

I am not saying end the relationship with Michael Redd for just the Bucks sake. I do think it’s the best thing for both parties involved that things end now. The Bucks can build on a good thing they have going with the current roster. The available cap space may not bring in a big name free agent but it could bring in a couple players that along with a good draft pick could be great for the franchise.

For Redd there is always going to be a playoff team willing to give a veteran player with his ability a roster spot. He can get in with one of them and earn himself a championship. Redd has had a great career, he’s made his money, now he needs to go get his ring. Then he can get in the hall of fame, gain some weight, and become a commentator.

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