Is Kurt Rambis the Problem?

By mattfrey

Warning: I’m on a road trip to California, so I’m writing this in the car from my phone and I apologize for any errors in advance.

I haven’t talked about coach Rambis in the short span of time I’ve been blogging, so it’s probably time.  I was excited when we dragged him out of Phil Jackson’s shadow in LA, because  it’s pretty hard to argue that he didn’t have a pretty sweet resume (as far as unproven coaches go).  In the two seasons he’s been here there has been very little, if any improvements whatsoever, so its difficult to defend him at this point. His rotations are bewildering at times, the plays he’s drawn up for key possessions out of timeouts have been downright pathetic for the most part, and then there is the impressively depressing 31 wins he’s managed to scrape together in just one game shy of two seasons.


After shuffeling through coaches and a countless amount of players since the Flip Saunders days. I say we need to give the team some stability. Keep Kurt for at least another season. After all, I’m pretty sure Kahn said he’d give him 3 years when he was hired.

I know, I know. I don’t think I can take another season where the Wolves win less often than Dane Cook says something funny (if that analogy doesn’t work for you, then I’d bet you have at least 2 affliction shirts covered in plastic jewles. Cool, bro). Hear me out though. There some reasons its not a horrible idea.

First of all, the players like him. Even Kevin Love, who has admitted they’ve had their differences, has voiced his support for him as a coach. Michael Beasley has endorsed him as well.
Second, as I mentioned earlier, we’ve switched up our roster so much the past two off seasons that he’s only had one season with the majority of the players. This also means our players haven’t had a lot of time to develop any cohesion to work together as a unit on the floor. Not to mention, a good chunk of the team is younger than I am so plays are going to get broken or exicuted improperly and mistakes are going to be made. I’m tired of the youth excuse, but it has to be considered. And finally, our record doesn’t show it but we have been in a lot more games this season than we were last year.

Clearly some roster tweeks are needed. Mostly adding some veteran leadership to help close out those close games. For once though, lets give it more than a year to develop so we can really know what we have and pinpoint where the problems lie. What’s the worst case scenario? We finish with the worst record in the league and everybody laughs about how bad we are? Well at least by then they’ll have been doing it for so long, it shouldn’t sting so badly.

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