LeBron James is the top NBA jersey in the market

By brandonlachance

The Miami Heat’s LeBron James has taken over the top spot for the most jerseys sold for the second time in his career.

James passed last season’s jersey king, the Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant, who dropped to No. 2. The last time James was at the top of the list was during his rookie season with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2004.

The jersey sales list is based off of the money amount made from player jerseys from www.nba.com. This is the 2010-11 season list posted Wednesday:

  • 1) James
  • 2) Bryant
  • 3) Boston Celtics Rajon Rando
  • 4) New York Knicks Amare Stoudemire
  • 5) Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose
  • 6) Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade
  • 7) Oklahoma City Thunder Kevin Durant
  • 8) New York Knicks Carmelo Anthony
  • 9) Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard
  • 10) Washington Wizards John Wall

The villain role must have worked for James, even though he has complained about it for most of the season. Superstars usually reach the top of this popularity chart when they switch numbers or teams such as Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal and Michael Jordan.

This list doesn’t really mean much more than a high school prom queen/ king vote. It’s just another ego boost for the most popular players in the game whether they’re fans favorite or most hated players. Either way, people buy jerseys.

I’m surprised:

  • Rose isn’t higher on the list because of the spectacular season he is having.
  • Bryant is still on the list, doesn’t everyone have a Kobe jersey?
  • Wall sold more than Blake Griffin? I thought every little kid wanted a jersey of the highlight reel?
  • Rando is the top selling Boston jersey? Too bad he’s the fourth, sometimes fifth best player on the team.

I’ll give a sarcastic congrats to James, because I don’t think he’ll win any other awards, accolades or trophies this season.

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