NBA Cancels Summer League with Looming Lockout

By brandonlachance

The NBA has pulled the plug on the 2011 summer league, the college internship program and the usual summer involvement with Europe because of the great chance of no NBA after June 30.

The Collective Bargaining Agreement between NBA owners and players is scheduled to end June 30 and the parties have not met to discuss the matter in quite some time. The date is approaching fast and no one is doing anything to cancel the work stoppage. Instead, the NBA is canceling its programs in preparation for a lockout.

Summer League has been an NBA staple for developing young players who don’t see much playing time during the season. The internship gives college students an opportunity to work with a professional sports league and Europe was set to host a few preseason games and off-season training.

This news is kind of depressing because the cancellations are hard proof of the lockout being realistic. There isn’t an NBA fan alive that wants to see the NBA stop. Sure, the stop wouldn’t be permanent, but one day without professional ball is long enough for me. In all honesty, an NBA lockout could be worse than the current NFL work stoppage because of all the issues the two parties need to work out.

The CBA discussions will include, installing a hard salary cap, taking away guaranteed player contracts and shortening the number of years a player can sign for.

I would be a dream seeker to say a lockout isn’t going to happen because it’s almost more guaranteed than Derrick Rose winning this season’s MVP trophy (he has it locked up). The players and the owners need to man up and make the CBA happen so there won’t be any stop of play. Unfortunately, they seem to work together similar to the Democrats and Republicans. NBA Commissioner David Stern as President Barack Obama is a scary thought.



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