Boston Celtics Avery Bradley Shows The Future Is Bright

By Rob Nelson

AP Photo/Josh Reynolds

Last night’s game against the Knicks was not a very meaningful game. Both teams playoff fates are already sealed and even the starters that played for both teams were not exactly exerting themselves. Do not get me wrong, both teams used the game to get their bench players some work in the system. Second string guys like Glen Davis, Nenad Krstic, and Jeff Green got their work in and played solid. True bench guys that are probably out of the rotation like Von Wafer and Sash Pavlovic played and showed that they could play should injuries happen. However, there was no real major stories last night except one. That one was a huge one. Rookie Avery Bradley showed that the future is very bright.
Bradley has not been given much time to play on this veteran team that is chasing an NBA title. During his few chances, he showed that he could play tremendous NBA defense. However, his offensive game was awful. He looked lost both running the offense and getting his own scoring going. Last night Bradley showed that he has learned a lot from his season in Boston. Bradley was a different player on the offensive end last night. Bradley went after the Knicks using his best offensive weapon: his blazing speed. Bradley would blow by the Knicks’ defender like they were standing still on his way to the basket. He would show a great knack for finishing at the basket. Bradley would use his speed to blow by the defender to get to a spot to bury his jump shot. Bradley would collect his first 20 point game on an impressive 10 of 16 shooting. Bradley also defended well and played with his usual energy.
The last game of the season is usually meaningless. Bradley’s play made the night very meaningful for the Boston Celtics. Bradley showed that the man is worthy of the expectations that Danny Ainge has for him. Bradley showed that he has the skills to be not only a very effective NBA player, but perhaps a star. The man has speed to burn and great energy and desire to defend. These qualities are rare in an NBA player. Last night was only one game, but Bradley shined for the first time in what hopes to be a career full of bright spots. Plan on Bradley becoming a solid player sooner than later. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!

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