Bucks beat the Thunder 110-106 in overtime to end the season

By mikemitchell

Well Bucks fans the season is over. For some of us that’s a big sigh of relief. For some of us it’s always sad no matter if it’s a good season or bad. After the impressive season last year, we all came in thinking at least the Bucks could make some noise in the East this year. We all know that just wasn’t in the cards this year. Because of injuries and what I can only call a stagnant offensive attack this just wasn’t a great season for Bucks basketball.

The Bucks finished out their year in Oklahoma City Wednesday night against the Thunder. It was pretty much a go out and win if you can, just don’t get hurt kind of game for the Thunder. They were locked into the 4th seed in the playoffs, and really had nothing to gain by winning this game. Thunder coach Scott Brooks did play his starters for the first three quarters hoping to beat Milwaukee, but as always in the playoffs or out of the playoffs the Bucks don’t lay down for anyone and opponents do have to play 48 minutes of basketball to beat Milwaukee.

The Bucks went into the final game of the season shorthanded as usual this season, with John Brockman, and Andrew Bogut being shut down for the season earlier in the week. The Bucks played this game hard as usual as well. No Bucks fan could ever say this team is not putting forth the effort this season, they continuously play hard, play good defense, and try their ass off. Scott Skiles is no doubt the reason for that.

I’m sure some fans don’t like him as a coach. I’m sure some love Skiles as the coach. Skiles was a hardnosed tough player he played solid defense and played well above his talent level. Throughout his coaching career his teams have played the same way.

The Bucks struggled in the first quarter, but managed to come back and make a game of it against the Thunder. Seems to be a trend with the Bucks doesn’t it? This one was no different than most of the games have been lately. Struggles in the first quarter catch up in the second and third quarters (they led this one at halftime 46-43), and of course the close fourth quarter which has been a nightmare this season. That wasn’t the case this time Milwaukee scored nine straight points in the last minute and a half to tie the game at the end of the fourth quarter, and took the game to overtime. Brandon Jennings broke a 106-106 tie game late in overtime with a pretty reverse layup and Jennings sealed the 110-106 win with two free throws at the end.

With the regular season over I will continue to blog on this page. I am really looking forward to looking at the current roster, looking at the draft, and potential free agents. I enjoy sharing my opinion of this team, and how things are going. Anything I didn’t cover or Bucks fans would want me to cover let me know leave a comment on this page or find me on twitter @mikebears54. Yeah I’m a Bears fan but I’ve watched and loved the NBA for many years.

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