Thoughts about the season, and predictions for next season

By mikemitchell

I’ve taken the last couple days trying to think about what my feelings are about this past season. I saw some articles about the end of the Bucks season, grading their performance and mostly being pretty negative, thought about doing something similar for this one. I decided not to do that but I will reflect on some of the good things that happened this season, some of the not so good things that happened this season, and some of the things I questioned.

I do think that Brandon Jennings made some good strides this season in some aspects of the game. He is no doubt the floor leader of this current Bucks squad. Jennings will take any shot at any time and has really been the only positive player on the Bucks in the fourth quarter and clutch time.

Jennings though he has played well, he desperately needs help. He is just a second year pro, and his playing style is really that of a guy living on talent alone. Jennings no doubt is going to be a great player, but he simply is not ready to shoulder the load of carrying a team. Jennings needs a scorer he can play off of instead of trying to do it all by himself. He can still be the leader and I think he will, but I don’t see him or the Bucks being successful if he is forced to try to carry the scoring load. I have no doubt that Jennings will put in the off season work and have a much better season next year. My Jennings prediction for next season 18 to 20 points, 6 to 8 assist.

Andrew Bogut as everyone knows has just had surgery on his right elbow, and battled through that elbow injury all season. Bogut played incredibly tough this year, his elbow hindered his ability to even shoot the ball, his shooting percentage reflected that dropping from 52 percent last year to 49.5 percent this season, and he shot just 44.2 percent from the free throw line. Bogut did however continue to be one off the premier defenders at the center position, he lead the league in blocks per game this season 2.6 per game.

Boguts offensive game is the key for the Bucks success next season, he simply has to score on a regular basis. He sometimes does not attack the basket and look to score as much particularly against players I, and I think even he sees as more talented than him. That cannot happen next year. He is a number one draft pick someone should remind him of that. My Bogut prediction for next year is 19 points, 12 rebounds, and 3 blocks.

Scott Skiles is the only one I kind of question this season. Don’t get me wrong I like Skiles as a coach but I don’t understand his depth chart this year particularly with Corey Maggette. Meggette is a scorer on a team that frankly can’t put the ball in the basket, but for some reason Maggette couldn’t get off the bench. Maggette is not exactly known for being a system kind of player and I imagine that burned Skiles just a bit. Maggette is a veteran he plays how he plays the Bucks knew what they got, when they got him, they shouldn’t have expected different. On a top 5 defensive team that’s losing put the scorer on the floor coach.

I do think the Bucks are on the right track, and I do think they will have a good season next year. Skiles is a good coach and a few of the Bucks players should have a nice sized chip on their shoulder because they have a lot to prove next year. My Bucks prediction for next season 50 wins. Yup I’m calling it now 50 wins for the Bucks next year.

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