What Should the Arizona Cardinals do With the Fifth Pick?

By gregwilliams
Cam celebration
Greg Williams thinks the Cardinals should go with Cam Newton in the first round. (Photo Courtesy of otbeverly, Flickr)

With things quiet on the Suns front, it is time to look to another sport and see what the Arizona Cardinals are doing. The first round of the NFL Draft starts next Thursday and for the very time under the Ken Whisenhunt Era, the Cards will be picking the top five. With a number of holes on both sides of the ball, who should Arizona take? Greg Williams examines.

The most important area to address is the quarterback situation. If you ask The Greg One, that has been the biggest hole since the beginning of last season. Anyway, who should the Cardinals pick with the number five pick in the draft? As a devout San Diego Chargers fan, I have no allegiance and only a passing interest in what the Cardinals are doing, so I can speak from a completely unbiased perspective.

The Cardinals need a two-part strategy. Part one, bring in Marc Bulger in free agency. Bulger can be had at a bargain price and will provide a good two-year bridge while the new draftee learns the system. Cards fans should not expect the Kurt Warner story all over again. Even though he took over the reins of the Greatest Show On Turf after Warner, that was a long time ago and those expectations are too lofty.

Nine wins are what Bulger could produce, which should be enough to win the division until Sam Bradford has mastered the system in St. Louis. As long as Bulger can stay healthy, which will be another concern, he will win. Bulger would be a tremendous upgrade over any of the Cardinals current quarterbacks and he is on Larry Fitzgerald’s wish list, a fact that can’t be understated as Fitz is heading into the last year of his deal.

Part two of the plan is draft Cam Newton. That’s right, Cam Newton. Newton is a physical freak who is the size of Ben Roethlisberger with defensive back speed. Even with the maturity issues that he is exhibiting as the pre-draft preparations continue, it is nothing that can’t be remedied with the right coaching and the right people in the locker room to point him down the right path to success.

Having to sit and watch for two seasons would quell that feeling of entitlement that Newton has now. With no-nonsense coaches like Whisenhunt, Russ Grimm and Ray Horton to learn from, the Cardinals organization would be set for the future as well as the short-term with Bulger. Newton would bring fans to the stadium in droves, similar to the way Michael Vick does in Philadelphia.

The fans win, Newton wins, the organization does not have to put all their eggs in one basket by gambling on Kevin Kolb and the Cardinals will be set to reign the NFC West for years to come, headlined by the epic Newton/Bradford showdowns with titles on the line. A fifth overall pick with this great a potential gain is something the Cardinals would be foolish not to consider. Agree or disagree?

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