End of the Season Rookie Review: Wes Johnson

By mattfrey

I  know I’ve been sort of off my game for awhile, but I had a vacation and drove across the country so it was difficult to keep up on news and writing.  I’m home now though, so it’s time to get back at it.

I’ve read a lot of talk (basically since the draft) about how we should have taken Cousins instead of Wes Johnson, and there is a lot of validity in arguments for that now that they are both through a full season.  In fact, statistically it’s hard to make any arguments for Johnson because Cousins was better across the board in per game averages.  But, the thing that scared me about DeMarcus Cousins on draft day, is the same thing that scares me about him now.  He is a ticking time bomb.  There were reports of him being kicked out of practice and even punching a teammate, so the guy defiantly has some issues.  If he can grow out of this phase before he goes Mike Tyson on someone they sky is the limit for this kid and we’ll probably regret not taking him.  However, I’m still glad we took Wes.  When he was on this season, there were time’s he seemed unstoppable; like the game he dropped 29 on Kobe.  When he looks confident and comfortable on the floor he’s a different player, so he’s only going to get better as he gains experience in this league.

That said, he’s got a ways to go, and that’s probably been the most disappointing part about Wes.  When you draft a 23 year old, you expect him to be more NBA ready than the freshman coming out are, and he didn’t really show that.  The rookie mistake he would make that bothered me the most, was chasing down breakaway layups (don’t want to knock the hustle though) and committing a soft foul so that the guy gets an and one opportunity.  It seemed like he did that at least once every freaking game…

Towards the end of the season it looked like he was trying to get to the hoop more instead of just taking  jumpers, and I think he needs to keep doing that if he’s ever going to become something more than a shooter in the NBA.  It would be a shame for all of that length and athleticism to go to waste just because he’s a good shooter.  Plus being a driving threat is only going to force his defender to give him more space on the perimeter, so it should improve his game all around.

I’d really like to see Wes stay with this team for at least another year or two, to see how much of his potential he can fulfill.  Though if we could move him in the right package  to bring in someone like Monta Ellis or(more likely) Andre Iguodala, I couldn’t be upset with that.

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