My thoughts on some of the Bucks players development

By mikemitchell

One thing that frustrates me more than anything about the NBA over the years is the growing lack of shot selection and good offense. I’ve been watching the NBA since the 1990-91 season (yup grew up a Bulls fan sorry Buck fans) in that time at least it seemed offenses were so organized and precise. Players took good shots, they were aggressive to the basket, and their free throw percentage was just as important as their shooting percentage.

Now it seems the NBA is based on one on one plays and chucking up as many 3 point baskets as possible. Most players’ free throw percentages are pathetically sad, and for the most part the mid range game is dead. Player’s games don’t develop anymore, for the exception of some of the top stars. Some of the other top stars can get away with no development in their game they cover it by taking more shots doing Nike commercials and taking their talent to South Beach, but I won’t get into that right now.

Two Bucks players in particular haven’t really developed as much as their talent really should have so far. Brandon Jennings although I love his game and think he is going to be a great player; he has not really developed his game in his first two seasons. Jennings was the Bucks only real threat in the fourth quarter, but because of a lack of a real offensive threat he was forced to take a lot of shots, and try to be a scorer. For that reason I don’t really blame Jennings shooting percentage entirely on him, just a victim of poor offense. Jennings absolutely has to be a point guard. Jennings needs a scorer to play off of, and he needs to concentrate on spreading the ball around, and using his speed to get to the basket and the foul line. Jennings will be a success in the league if he develops his game and if not he’ll have an average career that more than likely he’ll finish in Turkey or some other European team.

The other Bucks player that really needs to develop is Carlos Delfino. Unlike Jennings who has the excuse of youth Delfino just seems to be unwilling to do anything but throw up 3 pointers the entire game. Someone on the Bucks staff should really sit Delfino down and say, “Carlos we know you’re a shooter, but if you move in four feet guess what bud you go from a shooter to a scorer!” Delfino absolutely must take the mid range shots, and get to the foul line. He has the talent to be the scorer the Bucks so desperately need. If he can’t take the next step he will continue to get minutes at least till someone better comes along, then he will find himself getting further and further down the depth chart.

I do hope since Bucks coach Scott Skiles was an old school type player during his career he’ll take advantage of these two players tremendous talent, and show them how to take best advantage of what they bring to the game. If he can do that the Bucks will be a success, and get the 50 wins I think they are capable of.

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