Atlanta Hawks clown Jameer Nelson for his second round guarentee

By brandonlachance

It’s funny when an athlete fails to backup guarantees. It is even funnier when others call out the failed promise maker out verbally. However, nothing makes me laugh harder than giving game tickets to a guy who thought he would be playing in this particular game.

The Orlando Magic’s Jameer Nelson told the Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose he would see him in the second round of the playoffs after a late regular season game between the two squads.

Well, the Atlanta Hawks had different plans since they defeated the Magic in the first round, meaning Nelson would not be meeting Rose and the Bulls. Instead of being immature and verbally calling out Nelson for his wrong prediction, the Hawks gave Nelson a worse blow to his ego by sending him game one tickets of the second round series between the Bulls and the Magic in Chicago.

Some might call the move classless, but I call it deserving.

If a professional athlete is going to make a claim such as Nelson’s second round prediction, there should be an open door for actions such as sending tickets. If Nelson can run his mouth and say the Magic are definitely going to beat the Hawks in a series, the Hawks can clown Nelson.

The Hawks should splurge and send Nelson tickets for every game of the series. That would make this prank legendary to the level of every NBA fan telling their kids and grand kids, who would then pass the story on. Tickets for one game is good but will be forgotten in no time.


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