Boston Celtics Kevin Garnett And Rajon Rondo Must Deliver More In Game Two

By Rob Nelson

There is one stat in the NBA that usually does not lie in telling a story. The stat I am referring to is the old plus / minus. Game one of the Celtics and Heat series saw the plus / minus tell a lot. When Garnett was on the floor for Boston, The Celtics were a plus six. When Rondo was on the floor, the Celtics were a plus seven. Only Jermaine O’Neal was a plus with the rest of the team a minus. The biggest difference was in the back ups for these men. Jeff Green (-9), Glen Davis (-21), and Delonte West (-8) played awful. People can lie with stats and look at the points production, but the defense from these men was a disgrace. The sad truth is KG and Rondo did not play their best games and were still able to be very effective against the Heat. However, in order to win this all important game two, the Celtics will need more from arguably the two most important players on this team.
Kevin Garnett played a tremendous game at one end of the floor. KG used his energy and intensity to help defend and keep his man relatively locked down. Chris Bosh only managed a mere seven points in seventeen minutes. However, KG needs to save a little for the offensive end. The interior defense of the Heat is wretched. Chris Bosh, Big Z and Joel Anthony cannot even hope defend him down low. If KG gets going on his jump shot, then the Heat will be even weaker in the paint with KG drawing his man out into the perimeter. My guess is Doc Rivers will establish KG early on the offensive end. This should bring out a much better outcome for Boston.
Rajon Rondo is just as important as KG. Rondo must play smarter on the defensive end. Rondo cannot afford to get into foul trouble. If he does, then the Celtics will be in the same position they were in for game one. They need Rondo to play and attack the basket. When ROndo is attacking the basket like he did in the second half, the Celtics’ offense is no the sad stagnant group that played in the first half of game one. If Rondo can get going early and often, the Heat will not be in control of the game from the get go. This will bode well for Boston.
The bottom line is Boston needs more from their two engines. The way these two men go, the team goes. Look for a great outing from these men and the Celtics to get on track in game two. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!

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