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Should the Orlando Magic Trade Up For a First Round Pick in the 2011 NBA Draft?

The Magic (foolishly?) dealt their first round pick to Phoenix, leaving the possiblity for finding a good prospect for the future closed. There’s a number of players in the 2011 NBA Draft that could help the Magic but trading up to obtain one of them may be difficult.

With the most glaring deficiency being a back up center, the Magic have a host of options that could have been available had they kept their first round pick.  Obtaining help deep in the second round may prove to be futile since most second round picks never make a roster at all (especially the latter half of the second round).  Otis Smith made the poor decision last year to go without a backup center, and while the Magic did draft project Daniel Orton last summer, he never played an NBA game this season and questions about his knee persist to haunt him despite his claim when I interviewed him that nothing is wrong at all.

Orton aside, the Magic would be wise to find a way to obtain one of the post men that are 6’10″ or taller, with significant enough size  that they could play spot minutes at center.   With Dwight Howard playing 40+ minutes in every NBA Playoff game this year, it doesn’t  look like the Magic truly need a back up center, but they do.  Dwight Howard misses games due to Technical Foul suspensions regularly and he also has foul trouble issues at times.   In both circumstances, it left the Magic to play a power forward (Ryan Anderson or Brandon Bass) at center.  Against a lot of teams, that would be and was a vast danger for the Magic.

While this may not be the best draft for big men, or even at all for that matter, there are a number of options that could benefit the Magic and they need to look into them.