David Robinson Will Retain His Title As My Favorite Player Ever

By brettroberts

Well, about two weeks ago, I received a package in the mail addressed to me in my own handwriting.  It seemed weird.  I didn’t remember sending out any manuscripts recently that would have necessitated putting a SASE in, so I was eager to see what was in the package.  I opened it in the driveway before I could even get inside.

What was in it??
Two David Robinson basketball cards (89 Hoops and 90 Fleer to be specific), autographed with a scripture written under each one, as David Robinson customarily does most of the time.

Just further validation of my reasons for him being my boyhood idol.   He still answers fans, years after having hung it up.  (Let me add here that Karl Malone does, too, and he personalizes the auto for each person, as well)

He was intelligent.  No.  He was really intelligent.  I have no idea what his IQ was.  It’s obviously hidden away in some file somewhere since he was in the Navy, but I am guessing it was in the genius range (though what “genius” is varies a lot from definition to definition).

He was extremely coordinated and ridiculously fast on his feet for someone with a 7’0″ frame.  It’s mainly because he became a seven-footer so late in life, after having been only roughly 6’4″ when he entered the Navy.

He was an instant impact player.  The Spurs went from being the worst team in the league to winning 50 games his first season.  They were instant contenders.  With the addition of the rookie they drafted the year after Robinson, Sean Elliot, they had a nice duo intact to which they would later add additional complimentary pieces.  It wasn’t until the year Robinson sat out with an injury that they acquired the key piece in Duncan, but Robinson had needed a second fiddle (though he ended up becoming it after Duncan’s arrival) for years.

I know it doesn’t take someone long to sign their name to a couple cards and put them back in the envelope, but it’s an effort most superstars just don’t make, much less Hall of Fame ones that are considered to be in the 50 Greatest Players ever.  David Robinson was my favorite player for a reason, and until Dwight Howard came along, I didn’t think I would favor a player that much ever again.  And you know what?  I still don’t.  David Robinson was my boyhood idol, we almost all had at least one, and he’ll always be a unique player for that reason alone.

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