Miami Heat Dwayne Wade Is Injured : Karma Is A Work Of Beauty

By Rob Nelson
(AP Photo/Charles Krupa)


  Dwyane Wade(notes) had six bags of ice strapped to his shins, knees and thighs as he sat in front of his locker late Thursday, scrolling through his BlackBerry messages. Sitting down wasn’t the problem. It was standing up that hurt.

Courtesy Of Marc Spears Yahoo Sports

            During game the pivotal game five of the NBA Finals, Karma finally came to extract it’s beautiful way of working the issues of the world out. The series was tied at two games apiece and the Heat needed Wade. Wade is the man the Heat needed to be at maximum level for the crunch time of the big moments. He is averaging 29 points a game this Finals. However, Karma came in and made the world right. While driving to the basket, Dwayne Wade hit the floor very hard after hitting the wall that is Mavericks reserve Brian Cardinal. The result was a hip contusion that limited him to only 34 minutes. Wade had to sit out key points of the second half as he watched LeBum James once again to his legacy of being a complete failure when his team needs him the most.

            It was Wade that threw Rondo down that caused Rondo’s injury to his elbow that cost Boston their most important offensive weapon. It was a cheap and dirty move from a classless individual with zero regard for the rules of the game. There is playing hard and playing dirty, that was dirty. It was that move that cost Boston the series. A one armed Rondo could play well, but not dominate the series like he needed to and would have. Boston lost game four after Rondo was unable to hit a layup due to his injured arm and that ended the series. Wade thought that by eliminating Boston, the title was his. However, Karma stepped in and has struck the mighty D- Wade down. Wade was helpless in game five. He will not be 100 percent for game six. This is a big blow to Miami. I hope Karma completes her work of art and finishes off the Heat. If she does, I hope Rondo is smiling somewhere. However, I doubt he will. Rondo is only focused on next season as he recovers from the result of Wade’s vile act. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!!

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