Boston Celtics Former Player Rick Carlisle Becomes 11 Man To Win An NBA Title As Both Player And Coach

By Rob Nelson

The Dallas Mavericks did the world a favor and once again kept the largest piece of human excrement walking god’s green Earth known as LeBum James from winning the NBA title. The man that should take a portion of that credit is the head coach of the Dallas Mavericks, Rick Carlisle. Carlisle made all the right adjustments and player moves as the Mavericks beat the heavily favored Heat in six games. The former Celtic in the process became just the eleventh man in NBA history to win a title as a player (1986 World Champion Boston Celtics) and as a coach ( Mavericks 2011).
Carlisle moves were tremendous from the beginning.The former Celtic reserve took a Dallas team that under achieved defensively and held them accountable. They played a new hard zone defense that gave Miami fits. The system was great that he installed, but his player moves were just as great. How many coaches would figure out a way to use an undersized guard like J.J. Barea so perfectly? Carlisle also got the scoring machine that is Dirk Nowitzki to be more a complete defender. The man also made sure that Jason Terry had a clear and defined role.
The bottom line is the man did a hell of a job. He also did the NBA a tremendous service in knocking out the useless pile of trash that is LeBum James. These accomplishment shave earned him both a congratulations and thank you from the Boston Celtics Report.

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