Open Letter to LeBron James

By gregwilliams
LeBron James
Photo Courtesy of thehoorse24, Flickr

You were counting your championships before the season even began. NOT ONE, NOT TWO…

You played monopoly with the biggest free agents and formed your own  super team. NOT THREE NOT FOUR…

You used the Boys and Girls Clubs as a facade for your one hour ego trip and entitled it ‘The Decision’. NOT FIVE NOT SIX…

You got to the finals and expected to roll over Dallas only to find out you couldn’t run them out of the gym the way you did Boston and Chicago. NOT SIX…

Jason Terry dropped an epic three-pointer that put the Mavericks up three games to two with you in his face! NOT SEVEN…

You had the ugliest finals of any “Chosen One” ever, forgot how to play in the fourth quarter and let Dallas rip your heart out and eat it as they looked you in the eye and claimed the championship you crowned yourself with almost a year ago. NOT EIGHT…

Did you learn anything LeBron James?

I have decided to take my talents to South Beach.

What you should learn from this is nothing of value is easily obtained. You were the catalyst for getting Chris Bosh to join you in South Beach and you thought that would be enough to instantly win the championship, but three guys can’t beat a whole team.

Dallas was a complete team. Dallas showed they had heart an more impressively showed your team had no heart. The best talent does not always win, the best team will. Now the question is how many championships will slip through your fingers?

Before you realize that you can’t just walk out on the court and expect the other team to run away in fear? How many more years will it take for you to realize LeBron, that maybe you may just be Robin and not Batman?

How is it you can refer to yourself as the King and the Chosen One then completely disappear on the grandest stage where Chosen Ones and Kings are crowned? Maybe you should have planned a trip to OZ so the man behind the curtain could have given you a heart.

Your loss is America’s victory as the Mavericks set a gleaming example showing how hard work, determination and teamwork will get you to the promised land ahead of the poor fool that tries to buy his way into heaven. Ask Daniel Snyder, Jerry Jones, the Steinbrenners and Sandy Alderson. You can’t purchase a championship by buying all the biggest names or collecting them yourself.

How many seasons will it take for you to see that you are not the center of the basketball universe and you still have a lot of work to do on your game before you will win a ring of your own? There is a problem inbetween your ears that made you the third best option on your own team when it mattered most.

You may think you’re the alpha dog on your team, but Dwyane Wade played better injured than you did playing healthy! Dirk Nowitzki outplayed you in every game including Game Four in which he had a 102 degree fever!

What’s your excuse LeBron? Will you look internally or find more ways to blame the ‘haters’ who are enjoying your moment of weakness?

Micheal Jordan wouldn’t have just accepted that performance. Kobe Bryant wouldn’t have just accepted that performance. You shrug it off and tell the world “Go back to your lives” You just don’t get it.

We’ll keep counting the seasons your myopia becomes your team’s undoing and you’re left wondering what could have been if you had woke up to the truth sooner. You tweeted The Greater Man upstairs says it isn’t your time. Looks like The Greater Man is a Mavs fan like the rest of us. Funny huh? The Haterade tastes good and we’ll keep sipping on it until this time next year, ready to pop open more.

Go back to your life LeBron.

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