Robert Rowell Leaves Golden State Warriors

By danielburt

Earlier today Golden State Warriors president Robert Rowell stepped down to pursue other business opportunities. In other words he was fired and allowed to save face. Rowell was a terrible team president and has not done much to improve the Warriors during his time with the franchise. He may have been around for the “we believe” run but I don’t believe he had anything to do with that. I think Chris Mullin deserves a lot of credit for the playoff run and Rowell deserves most of the credit for ruining everything positive Chris Mullin tried to do as GM.

This was a smart and obvious move for Joe Lacob. Rowell brought nothing to the table besides a history of bad choices. Next up, Larry Riley, then the Warriors will have done as I have prayed and cleaned house. So please don’t stop now Mr. Lacob. This team needed a total overhaul and you are doing just that. I will be excited to see who the Warriors bring in as the new team president.

I’m actually just excited to see change coming to the Warriors. I am so glad to see the new owners trying to take this team in another direction. it really seems like they care. Something Cohan never did.

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