The Orlando Magic Need to Trade for The Sixers Andre Iguodala

By brettroberts

Sure, there is the notion that the thing the Magic need most is a primary scorer. If that were true, then the clear pick here would be Golden State’s Monta Ellis. Iguodala gives the Magic something they, and most teams in the league, have to have – a lockdown defender on the wing. Paul Pierce, Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, Danny Granger, and so on down the list are all small forwards and Iguodala is capable of frustrating all of those highly touted players.

Iguodala wouldn’t provide a lot of offense, but he is sufficient. He and J.J. Redick would more or less just cancel one another out offensively, while Iguodala is the defender he is, as well. Redick 14.1 per 36, and Iguodala 13.8 per 36…not much of a difference. Iguodala does score; he is a jack of all trades; he just doesn’t have a scorer’s mentality.

If the Magic didn’t make a move to get Iguodala but did walk away with Monta Ellis, I would still be pleased. Ellis is capable of putting up 24 to 26 a game, even on the slower paced Magic, while Dwight should be good for about 22 himself. Ellis could also initiate the offense better than Jameer Nelson because in addition to being a better scorer, he is a better passer, too, and Ellis finds players that Jameer either can’t see or can’t predict, because he frequently fails to make the most obvious passes.

Iguodala is on the way out. Everyone, including gambling sites, have the odds set pretty high in favor of Iggy getting traded, and the Magic could offer one of the best packages. Ryan Anderson has a lot of value to a team like Philly who can use his shooting to spread the court, something they have been weak at and signed Kapono for, but Kapono was injured all season.

There is always the possibility of a three way trade. One thing I think would be interesting is if Cleveland drafts Enis Kanter and then can let go of Anderson Varejao. The Magic would ship something appropriate for him, and then they would have another big body to bang in case Dwight Howard gets in foul trouble or gets suspended. Varejao was drafted by the Magic originally, but was dealt with Drew Gooden for Tony Battie. Varejao has since gone on to have a career better than Gooden or Battie’s. Though his game relies on flopping, he works hard and frustrates opponents with his tenacity and hard work. He doesn’t do anything in pretty fashion, but there’s something about hard work that gets contageous, and when Varejao went down, the Cavs knew their season was going to go from bad to disgusting in a short period of time.

If the Magic obtained both Iguodala and Varejao, combining the duo with Dwight, they would have one of the best defensive teams in the league. They could also bring back Keith Bogans, who is likely going to be released by the Bulls. Bogans doesn’t do much really offensively, but he is a very good defender and is capable of enough offensively that defenses have to stay honest on him.

Hedo Turkoglu, Iguodala, Keith Bogans, Varejao, Dwight Howard. That’s a starting five I’ll roll with. If more offense was needed, Jason Richardson could replace Bogans in the lineup. Jameer would be a 2nd unit spark, as would Ryan Anderson, Richardson (originally), Arenas, and Brandon Bass.

PG: Hedo Turkoglu / Jameer Nelson
SG: Andre Iguodala / J.J. Redick
SF: Keith Bogans / Jason Richardson
PF: Anderson Varejao / Bass or Anderson
C: Dwight Howard / Varejao / Orton?

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