Report: Bulls Trade Up For Nikola Mirotic

By Randy Holt

As Bulls fans waited for the no. 28 pick in the first round of Thursday’s NBA draft, Chicago decided to make their wait a little bit shorter.

In a draft that has been lacking in trades, compared to its predecessors, the Bulls have reportedly made on of those few deals, trading up to the 23rd slot in the draft. With that pick, they selected Nikola Mirotic, out of Spain.

Mirotic is a highly-touted guy, which we will have more on later, but the real drawback with him is the fact that the Bulls will not get to see their reported pick in action right away. He still has four years left on his deal with his Spanish club, Real Madrid, meaning he won’t join the Bulls until 2015.

It’s not the first time the Bulls have drafted an import and had to wait, after they traded for Omer Asik in the 2008 NBA draft. That pick seemed to work out well for them.

The Bulls still have the 30th overall pick after reportedly dealing nos 28 and 43 in a three-way deal with the Minnesota Timberwolves and Houston Rockets.

More to come on this trade, Mirotic, and the Bulls’ second coming pick of the night.

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