So: Scottie Pippen Isn't Insane And Delusional Afterall

By brettroberts

After making an audacious, if not atrocious, remark that LeBron may be “the greatest ever” while Michael Jordan was simply the “best scorer ever,” Pippen has retracted his remarks, undoubtedly because of the 2011 LeBron James “Chokefest.” Jordan had so many intangibles, intangibles that would not let him falter on the big stage like LeBron did.

“The comments that I made were basically giving LeBron some props as a player, not to dismantle any player like Michael,” Pippen said, attempting to justify his foolish statement, “We all know that he’s the greatest player that ever played the game.

Now, James is only 26, so he still has many quality years ahead of him for redemption opportunities, but to equal Jordan?

I still think the closest we’re going to see to Michael now or for a long time is Kobe Bryant. Bryant is legit. He has five championships, only one less than MJ. He’s been argued by some to be the best ever, but very few try to make the argument for LeBron. Let’s just be glad that his former teammate came to his senses and realized what everyone else already knew. He tweeted “For those of you that don’t know, I played this game that you watch and love.”

That may be true, Scottie, but many of us have played basketball and just because we’re not NBA all-stars doesn’t mean we don’t know the game. MJ is the greatest ever. Period.

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