Los Angeles Lakers Center Pau Gasol Says He's Ready to Play Internationally if the Season is Cancelled

By brettroberts

Pau Gasol has recently come on record saying that if the season does lock out “Spain would be the first choice—I wouldn’t say only one, but the first.”  One has to wonder if he’s not the first in the league to have come up with the solution.  Playing year round, actual games, while the rest of the league is just lifting weights and playing pick up games and charity events will give Gasol a big advantage when NBA play does resume because he’ll be sharp and in game shape while everyone else is sluggish and rusty.

Often NBA players finish up their careers in International leagues after finding themselves no longer desirable to NBA teams.  Allen Iverson was the last big name to do this, and then there was Bucks point guard Brandon Jennings who chose to play Euro ball instead of enrolling in one year of college as players now have to with the rule that they cannot enter the NBA until they are “at least one year removed from high school.”

Basketball is an international game.  And you know what?  If there’s a lockout, I’m going to find a way to watch as many Euro league games as possible.  I won’t gamble on them because I don’t know which teams have which players and who is effective and so on, but I’ll watch.  Euro ball beats the hell out of the D-League and it’s far better than no basketball at all.  Pau Gasol realizes it, but how many others will follow suit?…

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