Mavs Fan Has Dirk on his Butt Forever

This is taking sports fan to a whole new level, and if I were Dirk Nowitzki…I would be very afraid. Likely file a restraining order…at least something. With the Dallas Mavericks winning their first NBA finals, it’s not a surprise some fans are going a little over board, but this likely tops the cake.

Derek Dilday decided to tattoo a picture of Dirk Nowitzki’s face to his right….glute muscle. I do have to give credit to the tattoo artist, but still. A picture of another dude on your butt? How do you explain that to your wife or girlfriend?

Congratulations to Dirk Nowitzki for being the first Maverick to have their face forever engraved on someone’s right cheek. I’d also like to thank Derek Dilday for making me hysterically laugh for about 45 minutes after originally seeing this.

I’d also like to thank yahoo sports for allowing this to be seen by everyone.;_ylt=Ai3xIhUuIok.o0QsLZAzDRzTjdIF?urn=nba-wp6170