Boston Celtics Shaquille O'Neal Gets A Motor Home For Retirement From Celtics: Does He Have To Give It Back If He Returns?

By Rob Nelson
(Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images)

The Boston Celtics gave Shaq a brand new motor home for a
retirement gift. However, were they really saying good bye? My money is on no.
This was a nice gesture by the Celtics, but the reality is that there were
ulterior motives for Shaq’s lovely parting gifts.

I truly believe that Danny Ainge plans
for everything. Let us just say for argument that the NBA 2012 season is locked
out for half of the season. In a shortened season, the veteran Celtics would be
a favorite to go to the Finals with Rondo and the Big Three rested for a post season
run. Their experience and skill set would give them the edge over teams like
Chicago or Miami. However, they still need the right pieces around these guys.
No NBA team can have enough size. If they still had a need for a big man, I
know a guy Ainge would not hesitate to call.

The Celtics by giving Shaq that gift show Shaq they truly appreciated the contribution that he tried to give
them. They are at least buying an opportunity for the Big Fella to listen to
their pitch. Ainge has shown to be a great pitch man. The man got PJ Brown out
of retirement and has plucked guys like Rasheed Wallace away from other teams.
Ainge could try to convince the big man of his unfinished business in Boston.
He could show him he has a chance for redemption. A man like Shaq with his huge
pride would jump at the shot to leave a winner.

bottom line is Shaq got a retirement gift from Boston. However, I doubt they believe
Shaq is done. He was too productive before his injury to have nothing left to
give. One can plan on Ainge giving Shaq a call at some point next season. Remember
Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!!!!!


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