Could the Warriors Break Their Single Season Three Point Record?

By danielburt

With the lockout in full effect and not much real basketball to talk about I was thinking about what could be. If the Warriors trade Monta Ellis for a front court player and Klay Thompson starts at shooting guard the Golden State Warriors could be super deadly from beyond the arc.

Everything I have heard about Klay Thompson makes me believe he will be a smooth shooter in the NBA. I know his athleticism and defensive ability have been called into question at times but all I know is the kid can shoot. So assuming he doesn’t totally self destruct I see the Warriors having an insanely potent back court from beyond the arc.

We all know how deadly Curry and Wright are from long range already. Now take away Monta, who didn’t really have a great three point shot, and replace him with another outside gunner. I see the Warriors making a whole lot of three point shots this season.

Will they be able to break the Warriors record? I think there is a good chance.

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