Stephen Curry and Dorell Wright Considering China

By danielburt

Stephen Curry and Dorrell Wright are looking into playing basketball in China to keep themselves in game shape. I am not really sure how I feel about this. It sounds good and scary all at the same time.

One part of me think it’s a good idea for these guys to keep their skills sharp and sitting around at home shooting in their personal gym isn’t going to do that. Another part of me is scared to death that a player overseas will take a cheap shot and blow out someone’s knee. I know a freak ankle or knee injury could happen while playing in China but a freak accident could happen while they are walking to their car. I worry more about a competitive pro game where some goon on the opposing team decides to take someone out with a hard foul on a breakaway. I don’t know their feelings toward American players. Maybe all the dunking and show boating could get under someone’s skin. Although I don’t think Wright or Curry are really big show boaters.

To be fair I know very little about the Chinese league. They may not play that kind of ball over there but in all honesty it just takes on stupid play by one frustrated player. Sure that could also happen in the NBA but that is while they are playing for my team, under the NBA league rules and I feel a little bit better about it. Sure I would be upset but not in the same way.

Why hasn’t one of or several of these guys started a league or two on their own personal courts? I feel like these guys wouldn’t be trying to kill each other. They are on the same page and know whats on the line if they were to get hurt during this off-season. I just feel like they would take it easy on each other physically.

What do you Warriors fans think about this? Would you rather see them just work out at home where they are less likely to get hurt or play over seas where you have no idea what will happen to them?

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