Minnesota Timberwolves Schedule Released

By Riley Schmitt

The NBA schedule was released today, even with the league in a lockout for the foreseeable future.  As far as the T’Wolves go, only one game is currently scheduled for national television.  The Wolves will host the Houston Rockets on November 25th and it will be shown on ESPN 2.  The 2012 national television schedule has not been updated on ESPN as of this time.

The lack of national exposure isn’t surprising.  The Wolves were the worst team in the league last season, which means TV time isn’t going to happen.  However, there is a ton of potential with this team.  If everything breaks right, a lot of national exposure will come Minnesota’s way.   With Ricky Rubio, Kevin Love, Derrick Williams, and Michael Beasley, the future is bright.  If one of those players develops into a superstar, the T’Wolves will have plenty of games on national television.

The Timberwolves open the season at home against the Atlanta Hawks on November 2nd.  The first road game is November 4th in Philadelphia against the 76ers.  The longest home stand for the Wolves is five games in early March.  The longest road trip takes place twice, once in November and once in March.  Both trips are five games.  The rest of the schedule can be seen at this link here

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