Golden State Warriors to Open the Season on National Television

By danielburt

Oh wait, there won’t be a season for the Warriors to open on national television. So why even release the season schedule? Just make us NBA fans feel worse?

Granted the Warriors would have been playing the Lakers on national television and us Warrior fans know we usually get torn apart by the Lakers. It still would have been fun to see Klay Thompson open up his career with the Warriors on national television. After that Laker game the Warriors would have had 9 more nationally televised games if the season were to take place but, alas, it will not.

There must be disappointed fans all over the nation looking at games that would have been. Releasing the schedule almost seems like the NBA deciding to rub some salt in our wounds. Guess what, David Stern, if you aren’t going to play the season than I don’t care about the schedule.

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