Things I Would Like to See Change with the Warriors Befor Next Season

By danielburt

Since the Warriors (and the rest of the NBA) are going to have an extended off-season here are my top 5 things that I would like to see happen when camp opens up in 2012.

5. Get a mascot. Since the Warriors traded away, Thunder, they have not had a real good mascot. Not that Thunder was anything great.

4. Stephen Curry needs to gain some weight. Not enough to throw off his game but a little more so he isn’t quite such a push over in the post. Defensively he can be backed down by any guard in the league.

3. Ekpe Udoh needs to not only gain weight but put on some more muscle. The guy has the length but his body isn’t NBA ready in my opinion. He needs to be able to get in there and bang on the offensive and defensive end.

2. Andris Biedrins needs to get the right shrink. If he is going to stay with this organization he needs to get his head straight. I believe I have read he is already seeing a psychologist but so far I haven’t seen any signs of it working.

1. Better free throw percentages. The whole team better shoot a 1,000 free throws a day. Curry, Vlad and Thornton (if the latter two will even be back) can take a pass but everyone else better get to shooting. All guards and small forwards should be shooting above 80% and all power forwards and centers should be shooting above 70%.

With the extended time I hope to see some of those 5 things fixed.

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