Some Warriors Players Should Play OverSeas

By danielburt

I know I said in an earlier blog that I was dead set against the Warriors players going overseas. I am in some ways but that is mostly with guys like Curry, Wright, Ellis and Lee. Guys that are going to be very important to the team’s success next season. There are a group of players on the Warriors that I would hate to see sit around and not get some good actual game experience this off-season. Guys that need to get better for next season and playing competitive basketball across the globe might help.

Players like Andris Biedrins, Jeremy Lin, Ekpe Udoh and even Klay Thompson need to get their work in. Those players can’t afford to spend an entire off-season not playing competitive ball. They need get game time work in. Right now those players are question marks and I would risk the possibility of an injury to see them improve. In the same way you put these type of players in the Las Vegas summer league. This would be an extended summer league for those guys.

Players like Curry, Ellis, Lee and Wright need to keep in game shape and keep their skills sharp but I would be much more worried about losing one of them than a player up above. Plus the players above aren’t enough of an NBA face for a player in an overseas league to make a hard foul statement against.

There is an opportunity for those guys to get some good playing time in overseas. I find it strange that I haven’t heard one word about any of them looking into getting playing time with overseas teams. If they don’t go I hope they get into some type of league to get some good training in. Those guys need to get their game to a higher level going into next season.

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